GTI Tuning International - Magny Cours

We left York about 10am to Catch the ferry at Dover when we arrived at Calais we Set off to our hotel which was about 15 miles away from Paris

Friday Morning we set off from the hotel to head to Magny Cours where the show was being held. The drive though Paris was very interesting you wouldn't believe the size of the gaps the French can fit a car in especially when there are motorbikes flying in and out of the traffic like it wasn't there.

After our battle through Paris we had a steady drive down a very quiet motorway. When we arrived at Magny Cours there was around 20 cars already cued up with a couple of hours to spare before the gates opened we had a drive into Nevers which was the closest city to the show.

We found the supermarket and got the all important supply of beer for the weekend. We then headed over to McDonalds for some food. When we got back to Magny Cours the cue of cars had grown and we still had just over 2 hours to wait before the gates to the site opened.

Friday night was a little on the mad side. Cars bouncing off the rev limiters all night long burnouts and extremely loud music dominated the night and most of the morning the weather wasn't over good with rain most of the night although this didn't stop the French from partying the night away.

Saturday was the first day of the show. I can gladly say I have never seen so many modified cars in one place at the same time. Euro Styling is definitely the way forward. The paintwork on the cars was amazing air brushing was very popular from small details on petrol flaps to entire bonnets and sides of cars. Another impressive modification was the “Angle Grinder” effect which basically involved lacquering over paintwork that's been attacked with an angle grinder, the effect was amazing!

Saturday night was even more of an eye opener, the French are the craziest people we have ever met and they have an obsession with rev limiters and burnouts. All we had to do was point a camera at them and cheer and they would go mad.... As you can guess this made the night really good fun.

Sunday saw the show even more packed out it took about 5 hours to have a quick look around and that was a quick look too, cars were cueing even after lunch to be on show. The show certainly lived up to its reputation and the night life was out of this world, the whole weekend made any British show look very poor......

Roll on next year.

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