Those of us leaving Friday woke up to a lovely hot day. The journey down was unbearably hot though and took almost 5 hours and some of us could be seen walking up and down the M1 between the cars as the traffic stood at a complete standstill in the blistering heat!

Once we landed tents and gazebos were quickly assembled then the chill-out weekend began as loads more spectacular motors arrived and stands began to fill up.

The rest of the crew arrived Saturday and our stand had an impressive array of different Jap cars which attracted lots of people, many getting snap happy and stopping to chat about various modifications and car specs; (which Andy and Sweeps between them had organised into frames on the cars giving a more professional touch to the stand).

Sunday brought rain though it was still warm and we had to dive about between showers to dismantle the tents and stand. After a final look round the vast array of stands and impressive machinery we hit the road, heading back to York after a most enjoyable weekend! Thankfully the return journey took a fraction of the time the outbound one had taken!!

Amusements of the weekend include Anna suffering Friday night and claiming it was the marshmallows that caused it (as opposed to the drink etc she had consumed….) then her getting left at the services as everyone forgot about her! Amy managed to lock the keys in the Micra so that we had to break into it on the Saturday morning after borrowing a car break-in kit off a helpful Scooby driver nearby! Drew slating a Micra on the MSC stand when the owner was right next to him also deserves a mention! Roll on next year!

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