VBOA Rally

11th/12th/13th July 2003 - Billing Aquadrome

Well what can I say apart from an amazing weekend was has by all..... Most people set of Friday afternoon for the 150mile drive down to Northampton, when I arrived at 8am on Saturday morning everyone looked a bit worse for wear! Not surprising when I saw what they had been drinking and that they had spent over £160 at Tesco that day! Things where going great all day the sun was red hot and there were no clouds in the sky, Kelly, Lisa and Laura decided they would sneak off to buy some things which later turned out to be water pistols. A water fight was started to which they did loose, afterall we got our buckets and soaked them. Ben and Chris had bought a large party marque (which Mike had then slept in on the Twister mat friday night) Come mid afternoon a rather strong wind got up and the next thing we know our Marque has decided to take off! Dropping our beers we ran after it to watch it land on peoples tents and then blow further across the site, it took a fair few people to catch it. Once we had it held down the wind seememd to die off, under closer inspection the Marque was totally wrecked the polls were bent in half and all the plastics were smashed.

We were camping right at the side of the river that runs round the side of the site many threats were made to throw people in and Wayne was the first with a helping hand from Greg. Later on everyone attacked Buzz who as he went into the river managed to take Shane with him, once Shane got out he then threw Buzz's trainers and everyone was either jumping in or being pushed in (see pics and videos).

Come the night and after a meal in the pub we went over to the fairground where we played on the arcades and went on some rides (Laura, I wont tell everyone what happened.....hehe) before heading back to the tents for some more beer drinking.

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