Boro Cruise 7

Well we had the usual convoy from York to the meeting place, we were meant to leave at 6:30pm but someone who will remain nameless (Bazz - oops) was late. There were alot of Police around for the convoy up to Boro 7 but we had little trouble from them. We arrived at an old ICI office block in Billingham which soon started to fill up with cars. A bit later on it was decided to try Seaton Carew, so off went a convoy of around 100 cars. When we arrived we found that the Police had blocked the car park there because it was so full. CMR members then decided to head to the final cruise desination, Teeside Park. We stopped briefly at Manhattan (look at the pic) on our way!. Teeside Park continued to fill up till gone 10:30pm and all I can say is it was an excellent night, maybe even the biggest Boro cruise yet!!

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