Donny Show 2002 by Mike


After weeks of plugin this event the time came to go. With my cavy safely parked up at home I headed off to the meeting point in buzz's car. After a steady drive to the meeting point we waited for our mini convoy to arrive. After 5 minutes all the cars arrived, the convoy consisted of Buzz, Lofty, Ben, Shane Northy and Jaques. After a steady drive down with a few stops we arrived at our home for the next 2 nights. 

We set our tents up and started to have a look around most of the stands weren't up but the ecosse stand was looking excellent as always. A few beers later we headed over to McDonalds to see what was going off. The burnout action was good but we were all a bit miffed off at the fact that people were kicking cars if they didn't do a burnout. 


Early start, got to McDonalds for some food then went back to the show ground to set the stand up. Most were showing on the Vauxhall Sport Stand, after a wash and a polish the cars were looking great. The weather stayed good but it was always a bit cold, the cars got a lot of attention with a few cards being left on the windows and a few interviews with total Vauxhall. Once the visitors started to leave the cars got parked up in the camp ground and the beer came out. A visit to the adult channel bar was on the cards and was a interesting watch.


Woke up late, washed and polished the cars again and tried to keep awake with a very, very, very bad hangover! Lots more interest in the cars so decided to turn ps2 on in buzz's car and b4 i new it 30 people were watching me! 

All in all a very good weekend with lots to see and lots to do, two people from cmr got features in magazines and one got a request for there car to go to max power live.

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