Donny Show 2003


We arranged to meet up on the A19 at the cafe like last year as we could get a quick bite to eat. Around 12 o'clock we got a call saying that bens car wouldnt be going as his brand new engine from vauxhall had broke! So the convoy included Buzz, Shane, Chris and Northy. When we got to the campsite we had to set our priorites, first get camp site setup and then get over to asda to get far to much beer.

After spending 75 quid on beer and 58 sidekicks we all headed over to the campsite for a quick drink, the sidekicks lasted around 15 mins! Lofty and Greg turned up later that night and brought even more sidekicks! so basically it was just a night of getting drunk!

We went for a walk over to McDonalds to see if anyone was over there, and as usual loads of great cars were flying about, even my mate from Easingwold in his 18 inch wheeled corsa. After freezing our arses off we went back to the campsite and stayed up just messing about.


Saturday was a very early morning, 6:00am! as you could imagine we were all very hungover, so best thing for a hangover is more beer, me and bazza were on tinnys by 7.00am haha. After we got our breaky and had a quick freshen up it was time to put all the cars on the vauxhall stand. We got over there washed and polished the cars and sat back and enjoyed the great weather with a tinny in our hands.

By around 1pm the place was packed, loads of people asking about the cars, and the website. We had a lots of trips around the course and ended up with around 600 photos! (donny image cd available). Some really nice cars in the show damn nice yellow mr2, and a pink rx7 which really caught my eye.

Saturday night was the ice skating experience, lol sore arses were the thing that came from this outing lol! After that we all split up some people went to the cruise, some went up to the adult channel bar and me i stayed and chatted to an evil bird from up north! cant say who though ;). Was a great day got sun-burnt, pissed, and loads of pics of ladies, awsome!


I was awoken to my tent being on my face, someone had let my tent down! Off to McDonalds it was with the camera. After breakfast, and a quick picture taking sesh we were off back to the show, but it was the big de-tox day so no beer, was a damn good laugh. Loads more people interested in the cars, shane got a redline cars on his car, and buzz and shane got interviewd for total vauxhall magazine. I got some ladys to pose on the cars for us, and there were no annoying ferrari birds! :) We headed home around 4:00pm as ben had to get his car towed up to workshop.


Damn good weekend, spent withe great people, great weather and great beer! roll on 2004!

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