JAE 2003

Had a nice journey down to Leiceister Forest services to meet up with a few members of the Celica club, sat and watched allsorts of cars passing under the café as we had a coffee.

Set off from there at 8.30 in a convoy of 7 or 8 Celicas plus me in the Skyline. A Starlet Turbo tagged on to the back of the convoy as we turned off the M1. As we approached Billing there was every type of jap car you could imagine.

We Paid our fees and headed for the stands. At the GTROC I was met by members who organised the stand and positioned my car as requested. A nice selection of 32’s 33’s and 34’s were already there.

Parked next to us was a massive selection of 200sx’s, opposite were the trade stands with some of the best looking cars on the site, the nemesis cars were just unbelievable. The one on the pictures which some of you may wonder what it is, its the new Nissan 350Z.

Every possible Jap car was there to be seen, varying from Datson 100’s right up to an R34 (the one with graphics on the engine), said to be pushing 800+ bhp. As I walked down towards the Celica-Club stand to see Sez, I was greeted by, CRX’s, the yellow one in the pictures pushing 250bhp at the fly wheel.

The Lexus stand quote “the fast and the luxurious” stand.

Nissan Almeras, Primeras, Scoobys, Toyotas of every description, the list just goes on and on!!!!! The amount of Supras were just amazing, every where you looked there was a Supra. RX7’s were very common too; some lovely wings and splitters. I also now understand how a rotary engine works care of the RX7 owners club.

As the BBQ was lit the heavens decided to open, the gazebo was rushed over closer to the bbq and the rain was kept at bay. The fire work display was supposed to be started at ten, but due to the rain was postponed until 10.30. After this it was time to hit the sack and try and get dry and warm.

8 o’clock the next morning we were all woken by the sound of a Skyline back firing which would have woken the dead, the ground was a lovely sticky mess as people got ready for the paying public.

A few more cars arrived on different stands, and the Supra invasion began, one after another they just seemed to keep coming all day. All sorts of mods and colours.I tried to get a fair selection of shots for you to see.

Must say a big thank you for the Celica-Club for allowing me to hang around with them most of the weekend, and must mention that Sez was awarded the best generation 6 Celica in the club!!!

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