Pickering Show

Sunday 8th June.
Turned up at the meeting point at the Little Chef on the A64 to find a car park overflowing with cars and it was only 8:50am and it had thrown it down all morning. We waited around till about 9:20am for others to arrive then we set off.

We arrived at the show ground in Pickering around 9:35am and started to get setup for the day. The weather seemed to hold out really well for us and the sun even came out at times! We had two rows of cars on dispaly around 13 down each side, with a gazibo in the middle (thanks to Sweeps) and a display stand (thanks to Andy).

All in all everyone had a really good day and I just want to say thanks to everyone who turned up to show there cars with us, its days like that that make it all worth while.

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